Our Approach is what set us apart

APPROACH believes that the power of design is a perfect balance between idea and manufacture. It is a balance witch is expressed in our articles through the most little details.
APPROACH is a problem solver at heart, and we want to give APPROACH customers the opportunity to expresse that side of their desires through the fashion choices they make.


The History

Approach was created, not because we wanted to be a global company, but because the company we wanted did not exist. We wanted a think-thank with muscle, capable of producing anything.
Full of creativity, born out of a long tradition of know-how and a constant renewal of talents, at the same time both unique and universal.
We indeed do see ourselves as different, not better or worse, but different. We are different in the way we approach challenges. Traditionally, no matter what the goal, an advertising agency would sell you an design of an article they don´t know if it possible to be made, a labels company offers you a product with no design.. We.. well, we believe in bring an idea to life!
APPROACH, headquartered in Santo Tirso, on the outskirts of the city of Porto, has always been faithful to its objective of creating fashion articles with an emphasis on quality, design and detail.

Today we can find Approach throughout Europe. The approach-group.com website and the shop-in-shop concept are also part of Approach.


Our Vision

Is to be the fashionistas’s favorite supplier.


Our Mission

Is to create fashion articles with focus on quality, design and details.


Our Values

Accuracy — We operate with a sense of urgency and discipline
Professionals — We are experts in the areas in which we work
Passion — We are passionate about what we do
Responsibility — We are the owners of our actions and decisions
Ownership — We work on our clients' projects as if they were our own projects
Attention — We are attentive to the details
Commitment — Committed to our principles and values. Our conduct reflects the highest standards of ethics
Honesty — Our relationship with clients and employees is transparent and based on honesty and responsibility between the parties


Our Team

The main secret of success - Specialists in the area. We are a multidisciplinary team based on a perfect symbiosis of creators from multiple areas and with our extensive network of credited, trusted and respected suppliers and partners.
We are sure that our team, lead by the best specialists, will meet your expectations.